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March 23, 2020
The new version of the was released. 

There are new configuration files available for Firebird 3 and Firebird 2.5 (SuperServer, SuperClassic, and Classic), to better serve various scenarios: 1 big database, 1 big database and several small satellite databases, many databases (in case of SaaS, for example), with tuned memory parameters for RAM 8-12Gb and RAM16-32Gb.  Configuration files for discontinued versions (1.5, 2.0, 2.1) also have received small updates.

We hope that these improved configuration files will help to resolve many typical performance problems with Firebird.  

March 14, 2020

We are happy to announce the first release of Jaybird 4.

女主直播给粉丝脱内衣Jaybird 4 is - compared to Jaybird 3 - an incremental release that builds on the foundations of Jaybird 3. The focus of this release has been on further improving JDBC support and adding support for the new data types and features of Firebird 4.

The main new features are:

  • Wire encryption support (backported to Jaybird 3.0.4)
  • Database encryption support (backported to Jaybird 3.0.4)
  • Wire compression support
  • Authentication plugin improvements
  • Firebird 4 data type bind configuration support (since Jaybird 4.0.0-beta-2)
  • Firebird 4 DECFLOAT support
  • Firebird 4 extended numeric precision support
  • Firebird 4 time zone support
  • Firebird 4 statement timeout support (since Jaybird 4.0.0-beta-2)
  • JDBC RowId support
  • DatabaseMetaData getPseudoColumns implemented
  • DatabaseMetaData getVersionColumns implemented
  • DatabaseMetaData getFunctions implemented (since Jaybird 4.0.0-beta-2)
  • DatabaseMetaData getFunctionColumns implemented (since Jaybird 4.0.0-beta-2)
  • Improved JDBC function escape support
  • New JDBC protocol prefix jdbc:firebird:
  • URL encoding in query part of JDBC URL (backported to Jaybird 3.0.9)
  • Generated keys support improvements
  • Operation monitoring

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January 28, 2020
Crowd-funding of enhancements to our website reached its goal of around $1,100 USD just as January drew to a close. Thanks to the generosity of our contributors!
November 25, 2019
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